What is Lap Length? How to Calculate it? – Complete Guide

What is Lap Length?

The lap length is the length provided to overlap two rebars in order to safely transfer load from one bar to another bar and alternative to this is to provide mechanical couplers.It is also known as lap splices.

Why it is provided?

Suppose we need to construct the building of 30-metre height but there is no 30-metre single bar available in the market. The maximum length of Steel bar available in the market is usually 12 metre.


It is because of the transportation problem and manufacturing difficulty so we need to join three bars of 12 metre to get 30 metre bar. 

What will happen if we don’t provide lap length?

If we don’t provide lap length then the load transfer mechanism will fail which eventually lead to failure of structure also if we provide less lap length then the required then the reinforcement bar split and Crack can be developed in the concrete.

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